I'm Kris Rose I like snax n havin ragin good timez

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tell me what colors feel like

I got them on sale at Urban Outfitters like last year so u probs can’t get em now tbh :-(((

A pal’s sweater n comfy pug boxer briefs…… Ah yes, the ultimate #OOTN.


Wish You Were Here // 2014


outfits from this week


Airplane Banner Truisms; Oct.26 - Nov. 7 2004
For New York City © 2004 Jenny Holzer

Man, ppl w dyslexia don’t get enough credit tbh…… It’s super shitty how some ppl like to put others down that dislike reading like. Some people want to like reading but can’t bc it’s frustrating bc of dyslexia or a certain learning disability? Gosh


I’m in this weird stage where I don’t really like myself, but I don’t really care anymore

Anonymous asked: Stop supporting Yaoi


It’s the purest form of love

this chicken is almost as juicy as my ass